Saturday, October 2, 2010

Traded in for some Greek food

It isn't always possible to be near family, but if it were possible that's where I would always be. If due to life's circumstances we are separated from loved ones well then our hearts are still with them. We desire to be with them, communicate as much as possible, and by our actions and words our heart is revealed. My daughter, son in law and grandson live in Florida and I am in Alabama, circumstances that I do not like...Gladly however they are in the process of making a move to Bama hopefully in a year or so. I am so looking forward to their arrival. I am a family man.. yes, even a family geek..I can't think of anything better than living out my days near my children and grandchildren. The thought of it brings me a lot of pleasure.
I know someone who lives near their family... they have one child left living. I just think it strange that this person wants to move away for access to better restaurants, and a fantasy thought life about where they are moving to. When asked "what are the reasons for leaving your loved ones"...the reply went something like this.."better weather..better restaurants"..What restaurants..I want some greek food.. HMMM.. Lets see.. you are approaching 80 years old... This grown child looks out for you..You will be separated by many many don't get around as well as you used too... BUT the food is better there...So basically you are trading in the last years of your life for what you love most...better access to restaurants...So your family is being traded in for some Greek food... Maybe you can understand it...I can't.........