Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stopped dead in my tracks

A caterpillar does everything right in a relatively short period of time. Everything right means it is extremely focused on ingesting an incredible bulk of nutrition. It doesn't however become religious about its activity.....It knows when to stop! It then finds a tree to hang off of and starts to build a cocoon. It then encases itself and becomes unproductive...or that's how we look at life and activity... We think stopping is a bad thing..

There are times of change that need to take place in our lives. These times call for a forced rest and a cessation of prior activities. I am experiencing this kind of cocoon time in my life...In truth more is happening in this cocoon then in my previous business...It is just hidden from plain view. Of course we know that a beautiful creature will emerge from the caterpillar's cocoon... Well I'm not a caterpillar but I know that the Lord will do a good work in me and bring a radical transformation. I was inspired by Rachel Fowler and Rachel Richardson today and it led me to think.....