Sunday, June 12, 2011

I have sweet memories of growing up in a large extended Italian family..My Grandmother had five sisters all with families.. Holidays were so much fun... My cheeks were pinched a lot and often!....there is only one of her sisters still alive and she is 91 now.

As i reflect on these old times, first off it seems like an eternity ago, secondly my memories are viewed through the eyes of a little kid and all the romanticism and childlike sort of ignorance that protects young hearts. All seemed perfect and good...My young mind couldn't imagine problems, trials and relational hardships being experienced by all the family whose love and presence made me feel so secure, like a little bird in its nest. I now know there were plenty of stresses and strains and personal drama's and even betrayals.....But at this moment I gladly file that stuff away and enjoy the aroma of my Italian family.....pass a meatball please...........

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  1. I am glad that you had that filter. I do not remember having a filter like that. I remember being in the middle of craziness... but all in all, I made it out alive. When you are done with the plate... pass me a meatball too, please! ;)